Bee Awesome!

What is Bee Awesome

Bee Awesome is a 2-week course for young people aged 16-24, who, for whatever reason, did not finish or cope at school. This includes disabilities and neuro diversity.

Week 1 is a personal development using the Ignition! Programme. This is a 12-step journey of fun and discovery which leads into week 2, which is employment.

In week 2, local employers and entrepreneurs will be available to answer questions and give more information on the world of work. The skills and knowledge from week 1 will be used to improve CV’s and interviewing skills and much more.

Learning does not have to be done at a desk or in front of a screen, it can be done through games, videos, competitions and getting out and talking to people.

At the end of the course, individuals are assigned to mentors, who will be entrepreneurs or employers. This is to encourage and support for up to 6 months to get into paid work, education or training.

This course includes

Personal development

Come on a journey of self-discovery, find out who you really are, what you can offer the world and where you belong.

Confidence builders

Think you can’t? Think again! You may not feel you are naturally self-assured, but you can learn to have confidence in yourself.

Everyone is a leader

Whatever you do or say, there is a ripple effect that reaches others. We are all influencers.

Communication styles

The words we use and the way we use them can decide whether we are understood and whether we understand others.

Interview techniques

Smile or look serious? shake hands or not? Okay to make a joke? Business suit or casual? You can ace an interview!

Action planning

You’ve got your direction and your goal, but how are you going to get there? What’s the first step?


An opportunity to look at where you’re at and how to move forward With the support of a professional coach.


Up to six months support from someone who’s done your journey and can share experience and knowledge to get you to your goal.


What effect do you have on others? How do you respond in difficult situations? can you control your anger? Find out about your emotional IQ and how to use it for success.

What you will learn

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New life for young people, in a new way

  • You will discover and recognise own identity
  • Be confident about your positive strengths and qualities
  • To define personal leadership
  • How to identify your learning style

A new future for underprivileged young people

  • How to use your learning style to communicate better
  • Identify your own needs within the 6 human needs
  • How knowing your driving force can improve your life choices
  • To describe your goals and how you set them as well as plan how to achieve them
Teenage girl and teenage boy
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Bringing dreams within reach for young people.

  • List any training or education you need to reach your goal
  • Use a Decisional Balance Sheet to see whether employment or self-employment is for you
  • The impact you want to make
  • Job getting interview techniques
  • How to make your CV stand out


  • Ages 16 — 24
  • Unemployed and not in education
  • Willingness to work for success
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