Together, we can

Build a world where all young people can shape their future

Bee Awesome!

Bee Awesome is a 2-week program for young people of ages 16 - 24, who, for different reasons, didn't complete school, or have been disadvantaged by disability or circumstances.

Young people from different backgrounds have a huge impact on us and all our activities. They highlight those parts of the society that are broken, so we can help them in all possible ways to regain hope and flourish in life.

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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Jaqui, the Queen Bee at Bee Fab Academy.

I struggled as a teenager and didn’t finish school. I had no idea what my skills were and knew even less about what sort of roles I might do. It took many years of going from job to job before I found where I fitted and started a career.

With this program young people can make changes much sooner.”

On the course you will:

  • Discover the superhero inside yourself
  • Find your flow
  • Learn to lead
  • Identify your skills and qualities
  • Engage with employers and business owners
Illustration of a queen bee

Our core values

At Bee Academy, we believe in people

Billie Eilish has tourettes syndrome. Barriers were made to be removed.

We believe in everyone's uniqueness

Jim Carrey used to be homeless. We know that everyone has knowledge, skills and talents, even if they don’t recognise them.

Everyone has qualities to achieve fantastic things

Greta Thundberg has autism, OCD and selective mutism. Her passion drives her to succeed.

Everyone can change their mind, behaviour, attitude

Russell Brand gave up drugs, alcohol and his career as it was. He now lives a healthy life as a public thought leader and activist for mental health.

Bee Awesome is an adventure in self-discovery

A teenage girl in a hat at the sunset
You will discover:
  • Who you are
  • What drives you
  • What fuel you use best
  • Difference between luggage and baggage
  • You inner leader
  • How you can best communicate
  • Your learning style
And that’s just in the first week!
You will also:
  • Explore your dream future
  • Make a video CV
  • Be interviewed and interview others
  • Chat to business owners and managers
  • Make your plan
  • Meet your mentor
  • Make the right impact for what you want in your future
And much much more!
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Sponsorship and volunteering

Sponsoring a young person

It costs £250 to put one young person through our Bee Awesome course.

This covers:

  • 60 hours of training
  • 4 coaching sessions
  • Training materials
  • Folder containing all the information covered, as well as their own work
  • Access to the Ignition! online platform
  • Venue space
  • Refreshments
  • Introduction to entrepreneurs and recruiters
  • 6 months of mentoring with an entrepreneur or recruiter
  • A video CV
  • A paper CV
  • A certificate of achievement
  • Support with application forms and interviews

Does this sound like a bargain? Sponsors will be advised on the progress of the young person they sponsor, however details will remain confidential.


Would you like to help young people with barriers to employment get closer to the world of paid work?

We are looking for 2 types of volunteers.

Volunteer 1: Someone with good communication and writing skills who would like to support the Bee Awesome courses, in person if it’s local, or online during the course. This would include spending some time helping the young person with the course material, completing exercises, with lots of encouragement.

Volunteer 2: Are you an entrepreneur? Or do you recruit for a medium to large company? Or are you a manager in a medium to large company?

Then we need you to think about becoming a mentor for a young person for up to 6 months. Mentors encourage a young person, advise them on applications and interviews, listen to their concerns and advise accordingly. The commitment is one hour a week, online, on the phone, in person if local.

What do you think? Can you make a difference?